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The story of clay is a story about time and creation. About timeless creation. Clay, being an ancient material, has helped all of us to be and live, since pottery created by people’s hands conceals a mystical mark that our ancestors carried on through thousands of years.

Come and see for yourself – the shelves in the Clay Studio are filled with unique hand modelled ceramic articles for utility and decorative purposes, you can find interesting things for yourself or for giving as a gift.

Come and try yourself – put your hands in clay and try making things yourself with me, your first crafting may just be the starting point for a profound interest in ceramics. Here you can leave a message of yourself and of the present moment in clay, which will remain for longer than the everyday existence does.

phone: +372 55 574 546
email: helle.tulp@gmail.com
webpage: helleleele.blogspot.com