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The chamber of health food teaches you to make salads, cream soups, raw foods and other fascinating foods that burst with health – these offer alternatives to the usual sauce and potato. You can take a meal in the chamber, at the same time reading literature on healthy eating, or get a hearty smoothie or a nice cup of coffee to go, to participate in the workshops of preparing healthy foods and to listen to lectures on healthy eating, to order individual counselling on eating, which includes diagnostics of your body and a diet plan, or to join the

ETTA Terviseteadja Kaalugrupiga (Estonian Dietary Therapy Association’s healthy diet group).

The chamber is open Mon-Fri 10:00- 16:00

The lady of the chamber is a dietician of ETNÜ (Estonian Dieticians’ Association).


phone: +372 5593 3227
facebook: Tervisetoidukoda