Glass melting and warping

Making pictures, household articles and bowls from recycled glass. You will learn how to cut glass, place the pieces on a burning sheet, attach the pieces with glue and decorate with colourful pieces of bottles. Bowls are made with the help of ceramic moulds on which the glass will warp.

Children will use safe small colourful pieces of bottles that they can design into mosaic-like pictures.

After designing and setting the pieces, the work is put into an oven where the glass will melt at 800°C. You can pick up your work from two days to one week.


The price of the workshop depends on the size of the work.

One burning sheet with the diameter of 45 cm.

Price: 18 € (min price 6 €)

Duration: 1-2 hours

Age: from 5 years

Languages: Estonian, Russian

Number of participants: 1-12 people

Time of the workshop: upon agreement and on regular workshop days (Friday and Saturday)


Making glass jewellery

A decorative piece of glass melted for you in advance will be framed in Tiffany technique to which we will attach a metal loop. We’ll add a ribbon and there you have it – a unique piece of jewellery!

This workshop can be held outside of the Glass Studio as well.

Price: 3.5 € / person

Duration: 15-20 minutes

Age: from 5 years

Languages: Estonian, Russian

Number of participants: 1-20 people

Time of the workshop: upon agreement, on opening hours of the studio


Stained-glass workshop

Making miniature stained-glass piece in Tiffany technique. You can make a decoration consisting of about 4-6 details (an angel, butterfly, sailing boat, etc). We will cut glass, smooth the edges, tape the pieces with copper tape and then join the details with tin solder.

Price: 120 € (group of 4-5 people)

Duration: 3 hours

Age: from 15 years

Time: upon agreement


phone: +372 5057754