Weaving on the loom has a meditative effect and is a creative process for beginners and advanced weavers alike. We have four stately looms of various sizes set up in the studio on which we weave carpets, folk costume fabrics, shawls, scarves, bags, covers and many other fascinating and essential items. Main materials are natural woollen, cotton and linen yarns, but also recycled fabric strips, reed, twigs, paper twine, cardboard, film, etc.

This is a place for loom-fans to gather and develop, exchange and look for new ideas and for possibilities to realize these. Both children and adults can get acquainted with the loom and weaving. Mind you, it can be addictive!

We have amongst us Liis who is a spinner who can hand-spin yarn for you, for example of your own dog’s hair. She also teaches carding and spinning.
We welcome all of you!
Weaving Studio offers:

-Finished products

-Special orders

-Courses on weaving and spinning

-The use of looms together with instructing for weaving your own carpet

-Workshop for children on small loom (from 7 years of age)

-Celebration of special events


-Assistance on the loom


Mare Pernik
phone: +372 5076221

Liis Luhamaa
phone: +372 5342 8318

Hanna Hakala-Rosu
phone: +358 400 784979