Workshop: TREASURY


Suitable for everyone who can hold a pencil

Price from 2 €


Textile printing (woodblock printing, lace printing) on a shopping bag, headscarf, T-shirt

Price: from 5 €

Age: from 5


Wet-felting slippers

Price: from 16 €

Age: from 12


New life of an old T-shirt – all you crochet from it

Workshop for children

Price: 6 €

Workshop for adults

Price: 6 €


Crocheting 101

The price of the course depends on the number of participants and the time.


Maximum number of participants for all workshops is 8.

In case of larger groups, the workshop will be held in the attic hall (hall rent will be added).


Stella Laur
phone: +372  56 653 033

Kati Koppel
phone: +372  52 56 210