Stella Laur & Kati Koppel

You will find the Treasury and its artisans, Stella and Kati, in the Guild Shop.

We will assist you in choosing a present and provide information about the products sold in the shop and about the artisans and crafters who have made these products, whereas we are also artisans and therefore you can often hear in the shop sewing machine rattling or crochet needle clicking.


Stella: I love handbags and making them using different techniques, such as sewing, knitting, crocheting and felting. I usually create new designs based on my own needs. You can choose from colourful summer bags called “Maxibag” characterised perfectly by their name and knitted/felted exclusive pieces. I also like wet-felting and I use this technique for making slippers for adults and the little ones. You can special order for a pair of slippers perfect for your feet and in your favourite tone.


Kati: I adore crocheting and thus I mark my calling to be a crocheter.

I make crocheted interior design elements, such as rugs, tablecloths, curtains, sitting pillows, chair covers, bags, etc. I also fulfil special orders. Materials I use range from fine threads to stripped recycled textile.


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phone: +372  56 653 033

Kati Koppel
phone: +372  52 56 210